How V2Xcast works

V2Xcast provides V2X communication services

V2Xcast® provides V2X communication services.

The services can be reconfigured by your demand without any programming to fulfil the local profiles.

After launching and subscribing the services,

  • Compose messages to the service to share the information to others
  • Obtain information from messages delivered by the services from others
V2Xcast® Service and SDK provide following functions:
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Message encoding and decoding
  • Channel management
  • Packet encapsulation and decapsulation
  • Security (sign and verify digital signature)
  • Certificate management
  • POTI
  • Service Management
  • Remote upgrading

Global Headquarters

7F-2, No.100, Sec.1, Jiafeng 11th Road., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302052, Taiwan